Why You Need To Visit Alexandria In Virginia

Did you know that you could visit a place called Alexandria in Virginia and get to see some of the most amazing monuments in the world? For example, there is a landmark by the name of the George Washington Masonic National Monument which is fantastic. It is designed with the Masons in mind and has a very tall and elegant structure. This is just one of the many beautiful monuments that you will see, that are not located anywhere else, which is why you should visit Alexandria.

Lighthouses And Museums

One point of interest is a cute little park with a lighthouse. It is called Jones Point Lighthouse and it has rave reviews. Not too far away, you can head over to the Fort Ward Museum and Park which is a nice place to relax. You can then head over to Old Town which is a place that you can do a little bit of shopping and eat some great seafood. If you want to see religious centers, there are Baptist, Presbyterian, and even a church called Alexandria’s Christ Church which is worth seeing.

Historic Sites You Need To See

Alexandria’s Christ Church is just one of the many churches that are there. You can also see the St. Mary Catholic Church which is riveting. One of the reasons that you will want to visit the George Washington Masonic National Memorial is that it is by far the most amazing Masonic Lodge in the United States. It is located south of the White House, so as you are traveling up through this city, you can go straight up into Washington DC.

These are just a few ideas on what you should do if you decide to go to Washington DC, or if you do want to stay in Alexandria. There are quite a few places that you can also eat and have fun including The Birchmere, and many others that are waiting for you. Your trip here should be booked a couple months out because it is a popular place to visit. It brings in tourists from all over the world, and once you have stayed a couple times, you will get a feel for which hotel is your favorite, and also how to get the best deals the next time that you decide to go to Alexandria.

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