Top Restaurants In A Few Of Virginia’s Best Cities

The Old Dominion, its capital city of Richmond and it’s other great cities offer up tons of good eats. Thousands of restaurants for the map, and Richmond surely would be a good place to start. If you haven’t guessed yet that we’re talking about the state of Virginia, it’s time to catch up and get a good look at these top restaurants across the state.

Let’s start in Richmond as mentioned, and the top restaurant there is Lemaire Restaurant on Franklin Street. There you can enjoy delicious tenderloin, sea scallops, salmon, bread pudding and more. There are more than 1500 restaurants in Richmond alone, so getting top billing is quite the award. The next three top ranked restaurants in Richmond are Mama J’s Kitchen, Perly’s and Stella’s.

Off to the next city in VA to discover some restaurants. Let’s stop in Arlington, where many of the great attractions in the state are also found. If it’s a city you plan to peruse, then you want to get some food there, too. Carlyle on Campbell Avenue is the top rated restaurant in Arlington, and you’re talking jambalaya, crab cakes, salads and all kinds of great menu items. Are you up for some brunch?

When on vacation trying to see all that Virginia has to offer, you better be out of the hotel by at least brunch time. You’ve got lots to do, and you need some more restaurant names in Arlington. Three more of the top establishments are Jaleo, Legal Sea Foods and El Pollo Rico. Now, what city in VA do we need to hit next?

Let’s go with Norfolk. There is Chesapeake, Alexandria and many more to choose from. What are the top restaurants in Norfolk? No Frill Bar And Grill is the #1 establishment there. Usually places that advertise themselves as not so great are actually really awesome places. This restaurant is an example, and there is a restaurant like that here in Myrtle Beach where I live, too. They advertise lousy food and bad service, yet they are a historical establishment. There is also Captain Groovy’s Grill And Raw Bar. If you think that is good, check out a third top pick in Norfolk, the Handsome Biscuit.

It always is good when you know ahead of time what restaurants you need to look out for. When you’re hungry, it may seem like it doesn’t matter, until you have that bad restaurant experience. Know which restaurants you want to try for each city in Virginia you plan to visit.

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